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About Us!


My nane is Tony Iorio.  I am the webmaster of www.InsiderCarSecrets.com.

This web site, along with InsiderCarSecrets.com,  Used-Car-Warranty.com,  Car-Warranty-Quotes.com,  Living-Wills-Online.com, Asthma-Resources-Online.com, TvDishSystem.com and GreatCreditCardDeals.com are all operated under my main company which is Timark Publishing Co.  I have been doing business on the Internet since 1998.

All of the information, tips and secrets found on this web site have been gleaned from my 37 years of successful, first hand everyday experience battling it out in the car dealer trenches as a Service Manager, a Body Shop Manager, a Car Salesman, a Finance Manager and as a Sales Manager!

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